How can I pay?

We accept PayPal, debit cards, credit cards or bank transfers. When you sign up you will need to pay 50% upfront with the balance due when your site goes live. Domain and hosting fees start from the moment you sign up.

 How does the design process work?

Firstly we will ask you to complete a short design questionnaire so that we can establish your needs. We will discuss your current marketing challenges and ensure that we understand your business and services. Then we will start our research and planning process to ensure that our team is able to build you a website tailored to your exact needs. We will then create a “look and feel” and general layout and ask for your feedback. We will continue to consult you during this process until you are happy. Once you have approved the design, we will build the website.

 What's in the design questionnaire?

  1. What does your business actually do?
  2. What do you want your site to accomplish? (e.g. Get more inbound leads / quote requests / phone enquiries?)
  3. What makes your company stand out?
  4. Who are your competitors?
  5. What websites do you like and why?
  6. Who exactly are your customers? Not just demographics, what are their pains, problems and fears?
  7. What features do you want your website to have? (e.g. A shopping cart? Social media implementation? Email collection and email marketing capability? A blog or news feed? Photo galleries?
  8. Do you have a style guide or any existing material? (e.g. Logos, brochures, old websites, posters and web banners)
  9. What sort of pages would you like on the website? (e.g. Home, About, Services, Contact).
  10. When do you want to get started? Do you have a launch date in mind?

 Do you have a website already?

When did you get this site? Do you find it easy to use and edit? What CMS (Content Management System) does it use (if any)?) Is it giving you the results you want to see? What would you like to see carried over to the new site?

 Do you use templates?

In a word "No". Although we use Joomla! and Wordpress CMS, to give you full content management control, the design is completely bespoke. Every website is individually designed around your exact requirements.

 Do I need an SSL certificate?

If your website doesn't collect sensitive data, like credit cards or social security numbers, you may not have needed an SSL certificate in the past. However, with the new browser notices, it's now important to ensure every website has an SSL certificate. This helps keep your customer's data from being intercepted. We agree that making forms secure helps make the internet more secure and may also help your website rank better in Google. We therefore suggest that you consider an SSL certificate for your website. If you are an ecommerce website then it is essential that you have an SSL certificate for your website.

 Can you help with marketing?

Yes. Strategic marketing concepts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Geo Targeting, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), enables us to deliver a fast, mobile-ready, high-performing website that works.

 Can I modify Layouts?

Yes, you can modify our layouts as much as you like. You can completely redesign layouts, remove all links and insert your content, images etc. But please don't remove copyright codes from XML and PHP files.

 Can you help customize my website?

Joomla! and Wordpress CMS comes with everything you need. You can edit and add to your website and make small modifications via the Joomla! and Wordpress content management system. However there are people who need support or help to customize their site. We’re happy to lend a hand when it comes to minor mods but regrettably we can’t offer you extensive help unless you opt for our Website Management Services.

 What does it cost to update my website?

You will be able to update your live website using the content management system in Joomla and Wordpress! However if you need something more involved or don’t have time then we will make any updates required for our standard hourly charge of €30 plus VAT (subject to change).




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